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In addition to installing new roofing systems, Pit Crew Roofing & Repair offers a full slate of roofing services including emergency tarp solutions, roof cleaning, an annual maintenance program, and more. While we specialize in speedy service, we are also committed to providing thorough, comprehensive care to ensure your roofing system is structurally sound, visually appealing, and performing exactly as it should. Whether your home in the Melbourne area has just been hit by a storm or you’re preparing for the upcoming hurricane season, Pit Crew is the company to call for all your roofing needs.

Roof Tarp 911

When hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, or other disasters strike, they create an immediate need for a roofing solution. Pit Crew Roofing & Repair can come to your rescue with Roof Tarp 911—an innovative emergency roof tarping system that can be installed in just a few hours. This polyethylene film is lightweight yet extremely heavy-duty and specifically designed for the Florida climate. What’s more, it is UV-resistant, fire-retardant, and can provide your home with roofing protection for up to one whole year.

Roof Shampoo

Your roof can account for as much as 40 percent of your home’s curb appeal, so if it’s tarnished or streaked with algae, just imagine how much of a damper it’s putting on your home’s overall appearance. Aside from unsightly dirt and gunk, when microorganisms build up on your roof they can eat away at your shingles or tiles and compromise their functionality. Fortunately, Pit Crew Roofing & Repair offers roof cleaning services, and for about the same price as a carpet cleaning, we can help you get your roof back into pristine shape and potentially extend its lifespan.

Pit Pass 365

Did you know, most shingle manufactures require annual maintenance for warranty payouts! Pit Pass 365 is an annual maintenance program that we offer our customers to ensure their roofs remain in tip-top shape long after installation. From inspecting and cleaning your gutters to checking for signs of storm damage, performing routine maintenance, and making minor repairs, the benefits of becoming a member of the Pit Pass 365 program are plentiful. In short, as a member, you’ll be able to dramatically improve your roofing system’s health and appearance for many years to come.

Roof Inspections

A good roof inspection can reveal potential problems before it’s too late. If you notice missing shingles or have seen an uptick in your heating and cooling bills, or even if it has just been a while since a professional has looked at your roof, it’s a good idea to get a roof inspection. After all, when it comes to your roof, safe is always better than sorry. You wouldn’t let your car go without an oil change for a year, and your roof is no different. Our expert roof inspectors are trained to spot subtle signs of storm damage and wear and tear that others often overlook.

Roof Repairs

Regular roofing repairs can help protect your home and prolong the life of your roofing system. But more than just a precautionary measure, repairs can often be a viable means of addressing small damage before it becomes huge damage. Some companies out there might try to convince you to replace your entire roof when all you really need is a handful of repairs, but here at Pit Crew, we keep things on the up and up so you can do what’s best for your roof and your home improvement budget.

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For more information on partnering with Pit Crew Roofing & Repair for emergency roof tarping services, roof replacement, roof cleaning, inspections, repairs, or to learn more about our Pit Pass 365 annual maintenance program, contact us today. We proudly serve homeowners throughout the Melbourne area and beyond.

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