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Keep Your Brevard County Roof Sparkling With a Roof Shampoo Cleaning

Everyone knows why a good roof is important for the wellbeing and protection of your home. But one aspect of roofs that is often overlooked is the curb appeal they provide. Many homeowners might not even realize that one of the things that makes their home look tired or dated is a dirty roof. That’s why at Pit Crew Roofing & Repair, we offer professional roof shampoo cleaning services to homeowners in Melbourne and throughout Brevard County, Florida. We’re the team to turn to if your roof needs a helping hand to stay looking its best.

What Causes Roof Stains?

There are many things that can cause roof staining and homeowners that look around their neighborhoods can often find examples for themselves. One of the most common causes is algae growth, which can result in black or green patches and streaks on roofs. Corrosive coastal air is another common cause of stains and often results in surface rust or white salt stains.

Roof Shampoo for Almost Any Roof

No matter what caused the stains on your roof, we can clean it and help get it back to pristine condition. Our process involves gentle shampooing the shingles and is designed to remove all common stains without damaging your underlying roof. When undertaken by a professional team, a roof shampoo will not shorten the life of your roof or effect its performance. In fact, regular cleaning can actually help extend the life of some roofs by removing dark spots that can affect thermal performance.

Brevard County’s Most Experienced Team

At Pit Crew Roofing & Repair, we’re the team to turn to for a roof shampoo and other maintenance on your Melbourne, FL, area home. Unlike many roofing companies, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners care for and extend the life of their roofs, which is why we offer innovative services, like our Pit Pass 365 yearly maintenance program.

To find out more about our roofing services, or to schedule a roof shampoo for your home, contact Pit Crew Roofing & Repair today.

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